Once upon a time...

…an idea was born-during my training for commercial cookery in Australia:

creating a trade dictionary for chefs indicating all important vocabularies that are used in commercial kitchens-practical-multilingual-including product pictures.

The idea was implemented according to the ‘motto’: ‘everything a cook/chef touches at work (except food). The result:


Consequently, ‘kitchionary’ is a multilingual trade dictionary for cooks/chefs, cooking enthusiasts, language service providers, producers of kitchen machines, etc. dealing with topics as:

kitchen knives, kitchen appliances, HACCP&hygiene, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, chef's wear, first aid, cookware.

‘kitchionary’ is translated into 9 languages. Each term has a product picture or drawing assigned.

The trade dictionary will be published as app(lication) and as print (book).

Publication date book: 2013.

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